As a manufacturer of cork stoppers, being in daily contact with many wineries andvineyards in Italy, Spain and Portugal, we had the opportunity to learn the fate of their productive capacity and, above all, the quality of their products.

With the invaluable help and the speedy accession of many wineries are our customers,thus was born this important initiative to promote the sale of wines from all regions of Italy, Spain and Portugal at very reasonable prices with promotions and discounts.

Each region has exhibition space with variety and quality of the wines.







As producer of cork and find ourselves in daily contact with many wineries and wine companies in Spain, Italy and Portugal, we had the opportunity to know their actual production and, above all, the quality level of their products.

With the valuable collaboration and rapid accession of many wineries, our clients, is born this important initiative with the aim of promoting the sale of wines from all regionsof Spain, Italy and Portugal, at prices really convenient, applying also further discountsand promotions in many brands.
In our OUTLET, each winery has an exhibition space to present the variety and quality ofits own production on the basis of best value.



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Vossa wait to visit.

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