As stated in the Cork Museum Cervarezza (Reggio Emilia): "The peculiarity of Cervarezza is processing for the production of cork.
According to testimony and documents gathered this ancient art is lost in the mists of time. The transhumance of pastoralists in the Maremma area for the winter with their flocks allows a first contact with the cork and the opportunity to learn to work.
The bark of the cork and wine go hand in hand Cervarezza artisan houses and cellars, for the first rudimentary plugs.
One of the pioneer families was the family Correggi.
Cyrus Correggi initiates the purchase of cork and its production from the Maremma, in Tuscany, Cervarezza.



The second generation, his four sons, Giovanni, Primo, Quarto e Battista moved to the Montecchio Emilia (Reggio Emilia) and in 1962 founded the corks production company Italsughero.

The current CEO is Correggi group on the shoulders of his father, Giovanni


Years later, in 1972, separated the brothers, Giovanni and Battista founded SUGHERIFICIO Reggiano, to their death passed to his son and nephew Corrado, founding Correggi Cork.

Giovanni Correggi


Battista Correggi

Currently Correggi Group comprises Correggi CORK Italy in Italy, C & D COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY Cortiça INTERSUBER LDA in Portugal and SL in Spain.


Corrado Correggi, CEO Correggi Group
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