Innovations for the New Millennium


In order to offer its customers the best product possible, CORREGGIGROUP has always concentrated its efforts on getting the best cork market.
It is essential to use high quality cork and in contact with the wine does not cause any problems, so it has always paid special attention to a selective, personal and accurate of the best forests where the plates are removed for cork production. In fact, cork quality and uncontaminated do not usually cause any problems.
However, when it is a natural product which standardization is impossible, it is necessary to note that some inconveniences may occur despite careful control of the plates, as the unpleasant problem known as the ATT.
Although taken all precautions, bacteria and other microorganisms can attack and alter the state of the cork after processing, once the stopper moves to the final consumer, for example, can not take the same all necessary measures when properly store the product.
In order to avoid any potential problems early on, after a thorough study and subsequent tests, we have found an excellent treatment, using an enzyme: SUBERASE + WATER + ETHANOL ALCOHOL. This treatment is able to neutralize phenols, mainly responsible for "corky" wine, breaking them down into polymers which have no organoleptic impact.
Suberase advantages:
  • Reducing the risk of unpleasant taste in the wine cork.
  • Pores clean non-dusty when the bottles are sealed.
  • Better sealing due to reduced absorption of the cork.
  • Biological process completely neutral, agent processing chemicals.
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